Jack Farmer

Beware Kandor the Black and his Wraith army! Wait, what are we doing again?


Born as Claudius LeBlaque to the Family LeBlaque, Jack grew up in hiding after his family were driven from their lands after an unsuccessful Coup against the Seated King in a distant land. Escaping eventually to the valley, (Under the assumed name Frommer Bartley), and after marrying a fisherman’s daughter, he turned the soil to grow crops and live a life of simple servitude to the Land. Tragedy struck, as a group of Bandits who may or may not have been assassins sent by the Distant King. Vowing Revenge, he found half the hired killers and ruffians and Killed them. He now hunts the other four men who killed his wife and children, but Adventures for Marshall Pilate as a means of making income, and keeping a close eye on a person he suspects of Being connected to the thugs.

He has a brother(Gregori leBlaque, aka Franco of Zircona) and a sister( Amria “Rose” Lilac Le Blaque aka Husseri Karon), and his mother(Shivvi Sammbt LeBlaque aka Floss Buckle.) still live in hiding(Last Name used: Floss Buckle.)somewhere east.

Jack Farmer

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